Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Taare Zameen Par

I rarely watch Hindi movies,because i cant understand the language. I need somebody to sit next to me and translate what the actors are speaking. But for this movie i saw with the subtitles so i understood each dialogue, and that eventually made me like this movie. Apart from this i liked the movie for various other reasons. I've already read the review of the movie in Hindu newspaper and also Rajeev Masands comment in IBNLive. I wanted to watch the movie in theatre but time dint favour me. I've always liked to watch movies based on small children like Anjali,Kanathil Muthamital,Anbulla Rajinikanth etc.. No wonder this movie bagged a lot of filmfare awards.This was another movie with a different storyline. Somethings i liked :

1. Eenoos mom and brother characters were portrayed well, where they support the child every time he makes mistakes.

2. Everyday morning activities of a mother is shown clearly in the movie. Where she makes the breakfast for her husband and getting all his things ready before he leaves to his office, then cooks breakfast and lunch for his elder son and sends him to his school and then finally does the same thing for his second son. Clear difference between the first and second child is shown here like from bathing to eating to dressing is done only by the mother for the second child.

3. All the paintings painted by both Eeno and Amir khan was really good and different. The one which eeno paints for the competition, the soldiers story of how they escape and the flip book were the best.

4.The final title song video where they show various kids , their cute actions and behavior was also admirable.

5.The clay animation and the "3x9" animation was good.

6. The first road song was pictured very well. They way he eats the ice creams, the way he crosses the road, they way he plays etc..

But i thought that the "learning process" that amir khan used could have been shown in a more detailed manner rather than finishing in a single song. They could have removed amir khan's introduction song.

Some trivia which i collected about the movie:

  • Amole Gupte wrote the story as a tribute to his art teacher "Nikhumb Sir".
  • Amole Gupte, the creative director, created most of the paintings credited to the character "Ishaan" in the movie.
  • It was salman khan who suggested the movie title.
  • The house where Ram (Aamir Khan) places Ishaan's scratch-built boat/airplane model on his side table next to his own parent's photo is Aamir Khan's actual house in Panchgani. The actor bought some land there to develop.

There was an important message like only those who study well are not always the best and that "Every child is special". I had tears while and after watching the movie. It was all together an overwhelming experience.

The making of TZP Clay Animation: