Thursday, May 20, 2010

Engey Brahmanam

This is the serial that is relayed in Jaya Tv from 8:00 -8:30 every week from Mon-thur. Most of the Tamil serials that are relayed nowadays have the same story where there is a fight between in-laws,meaningless revenge,people crying all the time and full of negative vibes but this serial is an exception. As the title says it is a serial about a brahmin boy and he goes in search of "What does it really takes to be a Brahmani and who they are?"

The interesting thing about this serial is that in between the breaks CHO gives explanation about the various customs and tradition followed by Hindus.His speech is very different from his usual sarcastic way of talking. He tells some puranan kathai and also says meaning of verses from Mahabharatham and Ramayanam.

This serial revolves only around Brahmins and so most of the characters speak only brahmin bashai The characters do not speak bad language and the story is also neatly explained without any unnecessary characters included inbetween jus to elongate the serial.All of them have acted very well in this serial a special mention to Apsar and Nalini.

Though i'm not a brahmin i like this serial since it helps us to learn things which we do not know about hindu/brahmin customs which we follow. This is an "Upanyasam in the form of serial".This has given a new dimension to the tamil serial and its nice attempt that is made by CHO.

Its really worth a watch.

Note:I also found a tamil book written by CHO titled "Engey brahmanam?" in Landmark so incase ppl cant watch this serial u can read the book. (I've not read the book.. jus happened to notice)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Prison Break - TV series

Gone are the days when i used to watch "Marma Desan" and "Vidatha karuppu" in SUN Tv. These are the 2 thriller serials which made the audience watch every week with much eagerness. I still remember that these serials were relayed on Wednesdays at 8. Prison Break is the 3rd serial which is liked the most. But the difference was i saw the episodes at a stretch without waiting for a week or a day.

People in my office where bored to download movies so they switched to download and watch serials. So there were discussions abt this serial, thats how i came to know abt this. They warned me that once we start watching,it drives ppl crazy and makes them to watch the next episode. I truly accept that. There were times where i have watched 5 episodes continuously. But i'm nothing when compared to a colleague named Prabakaran alias "Annan" who was on a attempt to create a Guinness record of watching 2 seasons in 2 days.

This serial is a story abt 2 brothers;Lincoln Burrows and Micheal Scofield where one of the brother is sentenced to death for the crime that is not committed by him and the other one tries to save him. As the title says the the younger brother Michael plots a plan to save his brother not by law but by getting into the prison and breaking him out. Ohh the Strategies used by him where truly mind-boggling. Each and every episode was correctly linked and the director has done so much of research in making the entire plan.

My fav are Season1 and season 4. Each and every character have acted to the limit with no overaction (which is seen in Indian serials). A special mention has to be done to "T-Bag" .. the way he says "Captivity of negativity".. Oh truly amazing. He has maintained his body language all through the 4 seasons.
Michael Scofield was always serious there were smiles on his face only when he sees Sara Trancredi. But i personally liked Lincoln burrows acting.. his cool carefree nature.. his smart looks (both in suits and prisoner outfit).. was my fav of the entire lot..
There were only 3 female actors the lawyer, sara and gretchen(she is the best of all three).

As serials are always known for twist and turns and nevertheless this has many.. The one notable point abt this serial is that even though there are lot of characters but all were linked properly and each of them had proper ending. But more explanation could have been given abt "The company" and why everybody was behind scylla. Also the father character(Mr. Scofield) would have lived for somemore time.. dint like the ways he was killed by Mahone. Also season 3 is the one which was boring and the plot used by them to break out was not also all that great. That could have been a lot better. By the time the viewer gets hold of one character he will be soon killed in the next episode... that the specialty of this serial..

The other fav character of mine was Fernando Sucre.. The friendship between Michael and him was really good. He used to be the surprise package many a times in the serial whenever Michael needed help. Paul Kellerman is another character that is much appreciated in season 2.. and a little bit in season 4.. The General was also perfectly chosen(The bald man) by the director..The other aspect which i liked in the serial the naming of the episodes. "Cute Poison",Bolshoi Booze..Sweet Caroline

I always like movies where the central character dies at the end.. Even in this the same thing happens..

On a whole this serial was truly amazing and the full acclaim goes to the director "Paul Scheuring". And thanks to Abdul and Halleys without them i would have not got a chance to watch this interesting, nail biting serial. Its definitely worth a watch..

Monday, May 3, 2010

PVR Cinemas @ Ampa SkyWalk Mall

I had gone to PVR cinemas which is located at Ampa SkyWalk Mall in chennai.I've not been to PVR cinemas in other cities. I had booked for Movie Sura(The movies was not great..) on Saturday morning show. There were totally 7 theaters located on the 4th Floor of the mall. For all these theaters they have a common snack and popcorn counters which was very small area for 7 theaters(It would be too congested if 2 theaters had the intermission on same time) . I thought that the one in INOX was much bigger. As RED is the standard color of PVR Cinemas, the seats,wall, lights display boards were all in RED color.

Before entering the cinemas halls or rather the PVR cinema complex there are various level of security check that we need to pass. There is long pathway in that they first do frisking for Male then they check the handbags and then there is a small enclosed area where they do frisking for women.

I went to Audi 6 (That how they name it.. ) which was very small. There were arnd 150 seats (A-K 15 rows each).The AC was in correct temperature throughout the movie. The seats were also very comfortable and there were lot of space between the 2 rows and hence we could stretch our legs. The seats were embossed with "PVR cinemas".The sound effect was also really good (The songs adn fight seq were not too loud).

When the movie started some of the audience started to shout but the security were so strict that they asked them to maintain silence(Its not the correct place to watch commercial movie..)
I was very much surprised with the limited snacks that were available. There were no seasoning available for popcorn's(In Satyam and INOX u can get butter,masala, caramel). I heard from my friend that Sandwich was not tasty but the burger was good.

It was great movie experience altogether but the snacks has to be improved considerably. But at the end of it i thought although the brand name was there it was not like Satyam Cinemas.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

After a long Time

Its been a long time since i blogged (Hmmm may be 18 months). After quitting my job i thought about various things i could do at home. And one thing which came be my mind was "Start blogging again".. It was difficult for me to blog when i was working.(After 5 days of hectic work,Sat and Sun were primarily for TV,friends and food).

Dint know wat to blog abt.. So jus thought will blog about the IPL matches which i was following till the end(I had not missed the first 2 editions). When the IPL 3 began i was initially thinking that its going to be pretty much same like some under performing team will suddenly rise to the occasion and start winning matches and win the trophy too. But things were very different this time. The four teams for the semi final was not sure till the last league match. Finally Chennai Won!!

Everyday i used to come from work(In work too there were discussions about IPL) and watch the matches with great interest(Even the match that chennai was not playing). If there was a match in chennai then my office bus will stop and beach road itself and we need to walk for 15 mins to reach our home.The stadium light will be kept on till 11:30 PM and huge fireworks post match if chennai won. Me staying very close to the stadium had never experienced live cricket in stadium.

There were many matches which i liked.The last league match for chennai against KXIP in Dharmasala. I've not heard about the place till the match was played there. Initially the place sounded like its in Andhra. From wat i saw from the TV it was a great place to play a cricket match. The snow filled mountains, tress with purple flowers and beautiful sunset was very nice to see. The final match was also full of entertainment. I thought at the end of the match it was a great appu for Mumbai crowd and the commentators(Most of them were biased towards Mumbai). The crowd did not wait till the post match ceremony.

In IPL the entertainment quotient is always high when compared to cricket. The MTV IPL Nights party is conducted in various cities that hosts the cricket match . I've seen the show in MTV and thought "ithu ellam oru pozhappu". There will be fashion show that is conducted by leading designers in the city, the MTV vj will ask some silly questions to the players..It was in this party that many ppl would have known Vijay mallya had 2 daughters, Lalit modi's family and Miss Universe McLaren was in the city to attend these party. These party pics were also uploaded in Cricbuzz.

More than the cricket matches it was this IPL controversy that was the top story.The tweet fight between Sashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi.. Even on the eve of finals there was more discussions abt Lalit Modi than abt "Who will win the finals?". I like watching cricket and have always felt like many others that "Nothing is better than Test Cricket". But i felt that the IPL awards was a good start and it would have been better to have it after the final match. Some of the commentators were extremely good like Sunil Gavaskar - Explained abt how the batman should play fast,slow,full toss,bouncers etc And Ravi Shartri - who won the IPL award for Best Commentator.

On a whole IPL was fun,full of entertainment, thrilling but the spirit of cricket was very less..