Thursday, May 20, 2010

Engey Brahmanam

This is the serial that is relayed in Jaya Tv from 8:00 -8:30 every week from Mon-thur. Most of the Tamil serials that are relayed nowadays have the same story where there is a fight between in-laws,meaningless revenge,people crying all the time and full of negative vibes but this serial is an exception. As the title says it is a serial about a brahmin boy and he goes in search of "What does it really takes to be a Brahmani and who they are?"

The interesting thing about this serial is that in between the breaks CHO gives explanation about the various customs and tradition followed by Hindus.His speech is very different from his usual sarcastic way of talking. He tells some puranan kathai and also says meaning of verses from Mahabharatham and Ramayanam.

This serial revolves only around Brahmins and so most of the characters speak only brahmin bashai The characters do not speak bad language and the story is also neatly explained without any unnecessary characters included inbetween jus to elongate the serial.All of them have acted very well in this serial a special mention to Apsar and Nalini.

Though i'm not a brahmin i like this serial since it helps us to learn things which we do not know about hindu/brahmin customs which we follow. This is an "Upanyasam in the form of serial".This has given a new dimension to the tamil serial and its nice attempt that is made by CHO.

Its really worth a watch.

Note:I also found a tamil book written by CHO titled "Engey brahmanam?" in Landmark so incase ppl cant watch this serial u can read the book. (I've not read the book.. jus happened to notice)

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