Monday, May 3, 2010

PVR Cinemas @ Ampa SkyWalk Mall

I had gone to PVR cinemas which is located at Ampa SkyWalk Mall in chennai.I've not been to PVR cinemas in other cities. I had booked for Movie Sura(The movies was not great..) on Saturday morning show. There were totally 7 theaters located on the 4th Floor of the mall. For all these theaters they have a common snack and popcorn counters which was very small area for 7 theaters(It would be too congested if 2 theaters had the intermission on same time) . I thought that the one in INOX was much bigger. As RED is the standard color of PVR Cinemas, the seats,wall, lights display boards were all in RED color.

Before entering the cinemas halls or rather the PVR cinema complex there are various level of security check that we need to pass. There is long pathway in that they first do frisking for Male then they check the handbags and then there is a small enclosed area where they do frisking for women.

I went to Audi 6 (That how they name it.. ) which was very small. There were arnd 150 seats (A-K 15 rows each).The AC was in correct temperature throughout the movie. The seats were also very comfortable and there were lot of space between the 2 rows and hence we could stretch our legs. The seats were embossed with "PVR cinemas".The sound effect was also really good (The songs adn fight seq were not too loud).

When the movie started some of the audience started to shout but the security were so strict that they asked them to maintain silence(Its not the correct place to watch commercial movie..)
I was very much surprised with the limited snacks that were available. There were no seasoning available for popcorn's(In Satyam and INOX u can get butter,masala, caramel). I heard from my friend that Sandwich was not tasty but the burger was good.

It was great movie experience altogether but the snacks has to be improved considerably. But at the end of it i thought although the brand name was there it was not like Satyam Cinemas.

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