Thursday, April 29, 2010

After a long Time

Its been a long time since i blogged (Hmmm may be 18 months). After quitting my job i thought about various things i could do at home. And one thing which came be my mind was "Start blogging again".. It was difficult for me to blog when i was working.(After 5 days of hectic work,Sat and Sun were primarily for TV,friends and food).

Dint know wat to blog abt.. So jus thought will blog about the IPL matches which i was following till the end(I had not missed the first 2 editions). When the IPL 3 began i was initially thinking that its going to be pretty much same like some under performing team will suddenly rise to the occasion and start winning matches and win the trophy too. But things were very different this time. The four teams for the semi final was not sure till the last league match. Finally Chennai Won!!

Everyday i used to come from work(In work too there were discussions about IPL) and watch the matches with great interest(Even the match that chennai was not playing). If there was a match in chennai then my office bus will stop and beach road itself and we need to walk for 15 mins to reach our home.The stadium light will be kept on till 11:30 PM and huge fireworks post match if chennai won. Me staying very close to the stadium had never experienced live cricket in stadium.

There were many matches which i liked.The last league match for chennai against KXIP in Dharmasala. I've not heard about the place till the match was played there. Initially the place sounded like its in Andhra. From wat i saw from the TV it was a great place to play a cricket match. The snow filled mountains, tress with purple flowers and beautiful sunset was very nice to see. The final match was also full of entertainment. I thought at the end of the match it was a great appu for Mumbai crowd and the commentators(Most of them were biased towards Mumbai). The crowd did not wait till the post match ceremony.

In IPL the entertainment quotient is always high when compared to cricket. The MTV IPL Nights party is conducted in various cities that hosts the cricket match . I've seen the show in MTV and thought "ithu ellam oru pozhappu". There will be fashion show that is conducted by leading designers in the city, the MTV vj will ask some silly questions to the players..It was in this party that many ppl would have known Vijay mallya had 2 daughters, Lalit modi's family and Miss Universe McLaren was in the city to attend these party. These party pics were also uploaded in Cricbuzz.

More than the cricket matches it was this IPL controversy that was the top story.The tweet fight between Sashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi.. Even on the eve of finals there was more discussions abt Lalit Modi than abt "Who will win the finals?". I like watching cricket and have always felt like many others that "Nothing is better than Test Cricket". But i felt that the IPL awards was a good start and it would have been better to have it after the final match. Some of the commentators were extremely good like Sunil Gavaskar - Explained abt how the batman should play fast,slow,full toss,bouncers etc And Ravi Shartri - who won the IPL award for Best Commentator.

On a whole IPL was fun,full of entertainment, thrilling but the spirit of cricket was very less..

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