Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Prison Break - TV series

Gone are the days when i used to watch "Marma Desan" and "Vidatha karuppu" in SUN Tv. These are the 2 thriller serials which made the audience watch every week with much eagerness. I still remember that these serials were relayed on Wednesdays at 8. Prison Break is the 3rd serial which is liked the most. But the difference was i saw the episodes at a stretch without waiting for a week or a day.

People in my office where bored to download movies so they switched to download and watch serials. So there were discussions abt this serial, thats how i came to know abt this. They warned me that once we start watching,it drives ppl crazy and makes them to watch the next episode. I truly accept that. There were times where i have watched 5 episodes continuously. But i'm nothing when compared to a colleague named Prabakaran alias "Annan" who was on a attempt to create a Guinness record of watching 2 seasons in 2 days.

This serial is a story abt 2 brothers;Lincoln Burrows and Micheal Scofield where one of the brother is sentenced to death for the crime that is not committed by him and the other one tries to save him. As the title says the the younger brother Michael plots a plan to save his brother not by law but by getting into the prison and breaking him out. Ohh the Strategies used by him where truly mind-boggling. Each and every episode was correctly linked and the director has done so much of research in making the entire plan.

My fav are Season1 and season 4. Each and every character have acted to the limit with no overaction (which is seen in Indian serials). A special mention has to be done to "T-Bag" .. the way he says "Captivity of negativity".. Oh truly amazing. He has maintained his body language all through the 4 seasons.
Michael Scofield was always serious there were smiles on his face only when he sees Sara Trancredi. But i personally liked Lincoln burrows acting.. his cool carefree nature.. his smart looks (both in suits and prisoner outfit).. was my fav of the entire lot..
There were only 3 female actors the lawyer, sara and gretchen(she is the best of all three).

As serials are always known for twist and turns and nevertheless this has many.. The one notable point abt this serial is that even though there are lot of characters but all were linked properly and each of them had proper ending. But more explanation could have been given abt "The company" and why everybody was behind scylla. Also the father character(Mr. Scofield) would have lived for somemore time.. dint like the ways he was killed by Mahone. Also season 3 is the one which was boring and the plot used by them to break out was not also all that great. That could have been a lot better. By the time the viewer gets hold of one character he will be soon killed in the next episode... that the specialty of this serial..

The other fav character of mine was Fernando Sucre.. The friendship between Michael and him was really good. He used to be the surprise package many a times in the serial whenever Michael needed help. Paul Kellerman is another character that is much appreciated in season 2.. and a little bit in season 4.. The General was also perfectly chosen(The bald man) by the director..The other aspect which i liked in the serial the naming of the episodes. "Cute Poison",Bolshoi Booze..Sweet Caroline

I always like movies where the central character dies at the end.. Even in this the same thing happens..

On a whole this serial was truly amazing and the full acclaim goes to the director "Paul Scheuring". And thanks to Abdul and Halleys without them i would have not got a chance to watch this interesting, nail biting serial. Its definitely worth a watch..

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