Thursday, January 17, 2008


When I was enjoying 20 days of my first bench life in office I came across this word. It might sound like name of a place, person or a thing. But its actually a puzzle game (some say it as an transport puzzle). My friend Preethi found this game when she was customizing her iGoogle web page. Simple game, where the player pushes the boxes inside the maze to the designated location. The other rule is that you can only push the box and not pull. We almost got addicted to this game. Every morning wen we reach office @ 9:00 we both would start playing this game if we had stopped in the middle of an level and then only check our mails. There are various implementations of the game, but the one we played had 100 levels. We managed to complete up to 63rd level. As the levels increase the number of boxes will also increase and the maze will also look complicated. This game really makes you to think “Out of the box”. I truly enjoyed playing this game. I stopped playing this game since I was allocated to another new project. Another interesting fact about this game is that they use this game for the research purposes for problem solving in Artificial Intelligence (AI). So this game made my 20 days of my bench life exciting and fascinating.


Palani said...

hmm.. I am also basically a game lover especially Half Life, Quake II, HitMan, NeedForSpeed, Road Rash..It's intersting to know this dos based game called "Sokoban" :-)..Playing Games increase our creativity, problem solving skills and especially patience..

- Palani.

Archana said...

Being a puzzle game fanatic really tests ur patience and improves ones concentration power. It might sound like convincing words but on a serious not its true.
Try playing this puzzle and do post ur experience and the levels u tried to cross.